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Co-Produced One Word thirteen-minute video on homelessness

with Chad Perry.


Created 13:56 video on Fiddle-icious - a diverse group of

Maine fiddlers playing Celtic, French-Canadian, and Scottish


The York County Shelter Programs, a homeless services provider in Alfred, Maine, has been dedicated to environmental issues for many years. I created a new six-minute slideshow that highlights some of the green happenings that have taken place at the Shelter.

This slideshow is being shared in hopes that Maine people and businesses will be inspired by some of the environmental steps that have been taken by a non-profit homeless services provider, and in turn be encouraged to share some of the green practices with the Shelter that they have not yet tried.  


Created 6:26 video on “Green Happenings of York

County Shelter Programs”


Created 4:33 video on “Unique Maine Farms”

This video showcases and promotes the incredible diversity of
agricultural pursuits taking place in the state of Maine. Mary Quinn Doyle, a photographer and writer from Maine, volunteered to visit 100 farms in Maine and create a website project called "Unique Maine Farms."

Mary hopes to obtain funding to publish a book entitled "One Hundred Unique Maine Farms." A special thanks is extended once again to Sheila Falls- Keohane for her permission to use her beautiful composition "Queen Maeve's Slumber" in this video.